1098 Form 2022 Printable, Fillable PDF

1098 Form 2022 Printable, Fillable PDF – During the tax year, taxpayers who have paid at least $600 in interest and associated expenditures on a mortgage must complete IRS 1098 Form: Mortgage Interest Statement to record their payments to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which is known as a mortgage interest statement. Points paid on the acquisition of the property are an example of associated expenditures. Points are prepaid interest on a house loan that is used to lower the interest rate on the mortgage supplied by the lending institution in exchange for a lower rate on the mortgage.

Form 1098 Is Used For Two Different Purposes:

Loan officers use it to record interest payments that exceed $600 in total for the year that they obtained the loan. The IRS gathers this information in order to guarantee that lenders and other businesses that receive interest payments file accurate financial reports with the government.

To calculate their mortgage interest deduction for their yearly tax returns, homeowners must first calculate how much interest they paid in total for the year.

1098 Form 2022 Printable, Fillable PDF


  • 1098 Form is used to indicate the amount of mortgage interest paid throughout the calendar year.
  • When a homeowner pays more than $600 in mortgage interest during the tax year, the lender is obligated to give the homeowner a 1098 Form.
  • It is necessary to be the principal borrower on the loan and to be actively making payments in order to claim mortgage interest as a tax deduction.
  • In the event that you are itemizing your deductions and want to claim a mortgage interest deduction, 1098 Form will assist you in calculating the portion of your mortgage payments that has been applied to interest.
  • Form 1098-C (charitable donations), Form 1098-T (credit for education payments), and Form 1098-E (education expenses) are some of the other 1098 tax forms (student loan interest payments).

Who Is Eligible To File Form 1098, Mortgage Interest Declaration?

If you spent more than $600 in interest and points on a mortgage over the previous year, your lender is obligated to give you 1098 Form.

If your payment was less than $600, you will not get a 1098 Form from the IRS. These costs may be claimed as deductions on Schedule A of the federal income tax form, which decreases taxable income as well as the total amount owing to the Internal Revenue Service. 1098 Form is issued and sent to you, the borrower, by the lender (or other institution that receives interest on your loan).

If your property is classified as real property, your mortgage lender is obligated to send you 1098 Form by the Internal Revenue Service. In the context of real estate, land includes everything that is constructed on, cultivated on, or related to it.

When making mortgage interest payments, the property must fulfill IRS criteria, which define a house as a place that has the bare minimum of living amenities, such as kitchen and toilet facilities, as well as a sleeping area. According to the Internal Revenue Service, a residence might include a house, a condominium, a mobile home, a boat, a cooperative, or a house trailer.

In addition, the mortgage itself must be eligible to be issued. As defined by the Internal Revenue Service, qualifying mortgages include first and second mortgages, home equity loans, and refinancing of existing loans.

Mortgage Interest Deductibility Requirements

Whether you need it or not, The 1098 Form you get is dependent on whether you want to itemize your deductions on the Schedule A Form. The deduction for mortgage interest paid when you purchase a home has the potential to lower your overall taxable income. There are, however, a few regulations to be aware of when it comes to deducting mortgage interest.

  • You must be the principal borrower and be the one who is responsible for making loan payments.
  • If you have a total mortgage debt of $750,000 or less, you may only deduct interest on that loan if the debt was incurred on or after December 16, 2017. (The maximum amount of debt allowed for earlier mortgages is $1 million.)

All of these conditions must be satisfied in order to deduct the mortgage interest you paid on your home loan for the current tax year. If you meet all of these requirements, you will need 1098 Form. Alternatively, if you have more than one eligible mortgage, you will be issued a separate Form 1098 for each of them.

All versions of 1098 Form are available for download from the Internal Revenue Service’s website.

The Form 1098: Mortgage Interest Deduction And How To File It

Due to the fact that the information included in 1098 Form has already been sent to the Internal Revenue Service, taxpayers are not required to actually include the form with their tax returns. Instead, if a taxpayer wishes to deduct their mortgage payments, they should refer to the information on 1098 Form. Alternatively, if you intend to submit your tax return online, you may insert the information from the form into the proper places on your tax return in order to register your interest deduction.

If you’re getting a 1098 Form for the first time, you may be perplexed as to how to make sense of what you’re reading. When examining your statement, make a note of the eleven boxes that are highlighted in red.

  • Box 1 shows the amount of mortgage interest that was received from the borrower. This box displays the amount of interest you paid to your lender throughout the calendar year.
  • Box 2 shows the amount of mortgage principal owed. This box displays the amount of money owing on the loan’s principal balance.
  • Box 3 contains the date on which the mortgage was originated. This indicates the date on which your mortgage was first established.
  • Box 4: Refund of interest that has been overpaid It would be mentioned here if you had overpaid mortgage interest and had it repaid to you.
  • Mortgage insurance premiums are shown in Box 5. In this section, you’ll enter the amounts you’re paying in private mortgage insurance or mortgage insurance premiums for the loan, if applicable.
  • Points paid on the acquisition of the primary house are listed in Box 6. This box displays the number of mortgage points that you may be eligible to deduct.
  • Boxes 7 through 11 are the most important. These contain details concerning the mortgage as well as the property in question itself.

Check that all of your personal information, including your name, address, and tax identification number, is correct on 1098 Form as you are examining it.

1098 Form 2022 Printable, Fillable PDF

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