AF Form 1297 – AF 1297 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

AF Form 1297 – AF 1297 Form Printable, Fillable PDF – This form, as well as an electronic hand receipt that has been digitally signed or a digital signature in an automated system, are examples of hand receipts. It is not necessary to utilize the AF Form 1297, but the hand receipt or automated system must include the following statement: “I accept receipt of and responsibility in accordance with AFI 23-111 for the products mentioned below and will return them by the return date stated.” All hand receipts must be signed and include the contact information of the person who signed them.

What Is AF Form 1297 And How Does It Work?

The Temporary Issue Receipt (AF Form 1297), also known as the Temporary Issue Receipt, is a document used to monitor temporary issues of all property, including equipment, military equipment, and other accountabilities (e.g., administrative property, special tools, and special test equipment). Other sorts of personal property, such as supplies, materials, and documents, are not included unless they are specifically mentioned to be included in the purchase price of the vehicle.

Alternate Name (if applicable): 

  • AF Form 1297 of the Air Force’s IMT.

The Air Force Information Management Tool (IMT) issued the most recent version of the form on July 1, 1987, rendering all earlier iterations obsolete. The fillable version of AF Form 1297 may be obtained on the Air Force e-Publishing website, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

In AFI 23-111, Management of Government Property in Possession of the Air Force, which prescribes basic guidance and responsibilities for managing government property under Air Force control by authorizing commanders to manage government property under their command, you can find more information and filing guidelines on how to manage government property under your command. This instruction applies to personnel assigned to the Regular Air Force (RegAF) and the Air Force Reserve Component.

AF Form 1297 – AF 1297 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

Instructions For Completing AF Form 1297

All responsible information technology (IT) assets in the user’s custody or IT assets that the user uses on a regular basis will need the user to sign a hand receipt—AF Form 1297, Temporary Issue Receipt—before the asset is released to the user. It is necessary to keep a duplicate of the signed hand receipt in the custodian’s records until the IT assets have been returned by the user. The hand receipts will be used to verify the placement of the equipment during the yearly or ECOdirected inventory, if necessary. In addition, the user will keep a copy of the hand receipt as confirmation of the transfer of custodial responsibility to the user’s possession. In place of handwritten signatures, digital signatures may be used in place of each other. During inventories, the digitally signed emails may be used as evidence to revalidate the location and state of the equipment in question.

How Do I Fill Out AF Form 1297 In The Military?

The hand receipt begins with the signer admitting receipt of and responsibility for the things listed on the form, in line with AFI 23-11, and then proceeds from there. The signer agrees to return the aforementioned products by the return date specified on the receipt. The signature, name, grade, and organization, the duty phone, who and when issued the form, the organization account number, return date, stock number, description of the item, unit of issue, and quantity are all included on the form. The form also contains the following information:

AF Form 1297 – AF 1297 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

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