AF Form 1800 – AF 1800 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

AF Form 1800 – AF 1800 Form Printable, Fillable PDFAF Form 1800 is also known as the Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (AF Form 1800). The form must be completed for all registered vehicles and vehicular equipment, with the exception of refueling vehicles and fuel support equipment, which are not included.

What Is AF Form 1800 And How Do I Use It?

AF A Ground Transportation Support Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report (AF Form 1800) is a document used to conduct pre- and post-operation inspections on vehicles and to notify the Ground Transportation Operations Center when necessary.

Alternate Name (if applicable):

Automobile Inspection Form (AF Form 1800).
The Air Force (AF) of the United States of America (USA) issued the most recent version of the form on April 1, 2010, rendering all earlier forms outdated. There is a current printable version of the AF Form 1800 available for download below, or it may be accessed on the Air Force e-Publishing website. Detailed information on vehicle operations may be found in AFI 24-301, Vehicle Operation, which also contains filing rules.

Vehicle Training and Vehicle Control for the Unit In order to perform the objective, officials teach and license the bare minimum amount of Air Force (military and civilian) workers who will operate, inspect, and care for Air Force vehicles and equipment. Operators must document any discrepancies discovered during inspections that necessitate maintenance in the “Vehicle/Equipment Discrepancy and Maintenance Report” section of the appropriate Operator’s Inspection Guide and Trouble Report Form, and then submit the documentation to Vehicle Management for review and action. Maintenance is not postponed and the vehicle or vehicular equipment item will not be allowed to remain in service if an operator detects inconsistencies in any safety-type systems or devices which might have a negative impact on personnel’s safety or the functioning of the equipment.

AF Form 1800 – AF 1800 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

Instructions For Completing AF Form 1800

The information grid on the AF Form 1800 Vehicle Inspection Form is where the operator enters their name and phone number, as well as the current date, vehicle type, registration number, organization, base location, and phone number. After that, the form is completed. The operator then completes the “shift/signature” box, which indicates that the checks have been completed – the operator’s legible signature, which consists of the first initial and last name (opposite the appropriate day of the month), indicates that the inspection or service for each item has been completed.

The operator who conducts the first inspection of the new month completes the previous month’s form by transferring the necessary entries from the previous month’s form to the current month’s form in accordance with the following provisions. During the time that the vehicle is in operation, the new form must be retained with it. In addition, the operator’s monthly requirement includes a check of the vehicle’s tire pressures at the beginning of the month (front PSI, rear PSI, operator’s name, signature, and date), as well as the date, miles, hours, and operator’s signature for the month. The manufacturer’s manual or the vehicle must be checked for the appropriate pressure (date, miles, hours, operator’s name, signature, and date).

In the “Vehicle/Equipment Discrepancy and Maintenance Report,” operators and fleet management employees capture vehicle discrepancies and reporting actions, as well as the disposition (maintenance action/status) of inconsistencies stated. This area is also used by Vehicle Management to note the completion of planned inspections and/or the discovery of inconsistencies during service/repairs. It must include the following information: item number, discrepancy, date of discovery, date/time, miles/hours, and status of the maintenance report (“corrected” – temporarily or permanently, “delayed” – for the parts or for the maintenance, “disposition” – the waiver for repair or no repairs required).

The forms provide a broad list of objects that should be examined during the operator’s inspection, as well as specific items that should be checked. This comprises cleanliness, damage, and missing components, leaks/fluid levels, safety devices, batteries, drive belts, exhaust system, tires/wheels, tracks, brakes, windshield, power take-off, air tanks, emergency standby system, firefighting specialty equipment/safety devices, and so on and so forth. The numbered rows that are designated “other” may be used to store objects that have been added locally. This is very beneficial when customizing one of the shapes to fit a specific piece of equipment.

AF Form 1800 – AF 1800 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

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