AF Form 469 – AF 469 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

AF Form 469 – AF 469 Form Printable, Fillable PDF – The purpose of AF Form 469, Duty Limiting Condition Report, is a document intended to describe the physical limits and suggested duty or mobility restrictions of service personnel in the United States Air Force (AF). An application for this form is submitted when a service member’s health condition prevents them from successfully carrying out their task. This form is intended to communicate to the commander of a service member’s physical limits as well as any relevant medical suggestions that have been made.

It is connected to AF Form 422, Notification of Air Force Member’s Qualification Status, which is also available on the Air Force Forms website. It is used to keep track of a service member’s physical status over time. This form is completed at the time of first qualification, qualification for retirement or separation, military retraining, permanent change of station (PCS), professional military education (PME), and other military-related activities.

What Is The Location Of My AF Form 469?

Neither the Air Force e-Publishing website nor any other online resource can be used to locate the paper. For your convenience, a printed version of AF Form 469 is provided below for your reference.

AF Form 469 is only accessible electronically, and it must be stocked and provided by a medical treatment facility. It is submitted using the Aeromedical Services Information Management System (ASIMS) web-based program, which is available only in English. To get a copy, please contact your MTF. The medical provider or the health monitor may provide you with a blank AF Form 469 if you need one.

AF Form 469 – AF 469 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

Report Of Duty-Limiting Circumstances

Service members who are presently unable to satisfy fitness criteria should complete AF Form 469 and AF Form 422 and include activity limits and exercise prescriptions in their documentation. In a nutshell, AF Form 422 specifies what the service member is permitted to do, while AF Form 469 specifies what the service member is prohibited from doing.

Any limits on duties should be clearly stated on the form. A service member’s duty constraints describe what they are unable to perform from their existing occupational tasks as a result of mobility or fitness limitations. The service member’s mobility constraints should specify whether or not the service member may be deployed. The AF Form 469 will explain functional limits, particular fitness restrictions, and fitness assessment restrictions if the service member’s condition impacts their fitness but does not hinder mobility, retention, or responsibilities. If the form is used to create a list of restrictions for a pregnant service member, the form will be changed to reflect this. It will be determined whether or not the service member’s workplace has any physical or chemical risks that might cause injury, and the form will include any necessary limits.

There should be no positive affirmations about the service member’s physical ability on AF Form 469 since there should be no medical diagnosis on the form. On the other hand, it may include instructions for a member’s medical treatment. The term of the AF Form 469 is a maximum of twelve months. If the form is processed by the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) or the Review in Lieu of the Medical Evaluation Board (RILO), the maximum length of the form is 15 months. At any given moment, only one AF Form 469 may be active. The Preventative Health Assessment and Individual Medical Readiness Program keeps track of all prior forms and keeps them safe (PIMR).

Is It Necessary To Sign An AF 469 Form?

AF Form 469 should not be signed by the military member who is submitting it. A healthcare provider, a force health manager, and a profile officer should all review, sign, and date the completed form before it can be submitted.

The form is transmitted to a public health office for evaluation and validation once it has been signed by the healthcare provider and submitted to the office. The Public Health Office will verify and then file a copy in the service member’s record, deliver a second copy to the member, and transmit a third copy to the service member’s commander when the third copy has been validated and filed.

AF Form 469 – AF 469 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

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