AF Form 709 – AF 709 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

AF Form 709 – AF 709 Form Printable, Fillable PDF- AF Form 709, Promotion Recommendation Form, will be revised and utilized for Total Force officer promotion boards starting in September 2019, according to a statement released today by the service branch.

What Is The Purpose Of AF Form 709?

This is a legal document that was issued by the United States Air Force on May 13, 2019 and is utilized across the nation. As of today, there are no specific filing instructions for the form offered by the department that issued it.

Form Specifications:

  • The film was released on May 13th, 2019.
  • The most recent version made available by the United States Air Force is
  • It is simple to use and is ready to print.
  • It is your responsibility to complete and retain this for your records.
  • Compatibility with the vast majority of PDF-viewing programs.
  • Fill out the form in our online filing application by following the instructions.
AF Form 709 – AF 709 Form Printable, Fillable PDF



AF Form 709: Instructions For Completing It

If you’ve determined that you need to file a AF Form 709, please see the guidelines provided below.

  1. To begin with, fill out the General Information portion of Part One of the application form. Line 12 would also enable you to indicate whether or not you and your spouse made joint gifts for the tax year under consideration. If this is the case, you may skip lines 13 through 18. It’s worth noting that if you and your spouse made joint gifts, your spouse must also sign AF Form 709 in the appropriate section.However, everybody would need to complete his or her own application form.
  2. Report the gifts on Schedule A: Computation of Taxable Gifts, which is available online. You would include information such as a description of the present, the name of the receiver, and the value of the gift at the time it was given.
  3. Additionally, you may disclose transactions that are subject to the gift tax and/or generation-skipping transfer tax if they are appropriate. In addition, you’d need to declare any transfers to trusts that you made.
  4. Gifts from Prior Periods, Deceased Spousal Unused Exclusion Amount, and Computation of Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax are all parts that must be completed if any of the following applies to you: Schedule B, Schedule C, and Schedule D are the appropriate designations.
  5. Fill out Schedule D if you received gifts that were reported under Parts 2 or 3 of Schedule A.
  6. “Taxable Gift Reconciliation” is part four of Schedule A, and it must be completed. If you have any deductions or exclusions, you may apply them here.
  7. Part three, titled “Tax Computation,” must be completed. On the first page of AF Form 709, there is a reference to it. To calculate the tax on the amount of a reported present or gifts, refer to the “Table for Computing Gift Tax” included under the instructions section. You may be able to use your lifetime gift and estate tax exemption, often known as the unified credit, to offset your estate taxes. If you take advantage of this exemption, you will not be required to pay an out-of-pocket tax. The amount of money you may donate and transfer out of your estate tax-free in the future will be reduced as a result of this change, though.
  8. Last but not least, sign and date the form.

AF Form 709 – AF 709 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

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