AF Form 910 – AF 910 Form Download

AF Form 910 – AF 910 Form Download – It has been made available on the Air Force e-Publishing website the amended AF Form 910, Enlisted Performance Report (airman basic through technical sergeant), as well as interim modification 3 to Air Force Instruction 36-2406, “Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems.”

What Is AF Form 910 and How Does It Work?

An Enlisted Performance Report (AB through TSgt) is used to track effectiveness and duty performance history and separation, school and assignment selection, promotion, and reenlistment. It may also be utilized for statistical and research analysis. From the position of airman basic (AB) to technical sergeant, it offers a long-term, dependable, cumulative record of promotion potential and performance from the level of airman basic (AB) (TSgt). A person’s ability to do their tasks quickly and efficiently is highly valued in the Air Force.

The Air Force (AF) of the United States of America (USA) issued the most recent form on November 30, 2015, rendering all earlier forms outdated. A fillable AF Form 910 that is up to date may be downloaded from the link provided below. The Air Force e-Publishing website does not have any copies of the report available for download. Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, contains additional information and filing guidelines. AFI 36-2406 establishes expectations and performance standards for rates, as well as for instructions on how to adequately meet those expectations and bars, as well as feedback on how well the rate is meeting those expectations and standards.

AF Form 910 - AF 910 Form Download
AF Form 910 – AF 910 Form Download

Instructions on How to Fill Out AF Form 910

The following are the instructions for completing AF Form 910:

  1. In Section I, provide the airman’s complete name, Social Security Number (SSN), rank, organization, command, location, as well as the period and cause for the report (“Rate Identification Data”).
  2. Section II (“Job Description”) should include information such as the duty title, primary responsibilities and tasks performed by the airman, as well as any special training or qualifications required.
  3. The evaluation of knowledge, competency, initiative, motivation, skill level upgrading training, duty position requirements, certificates, qualifications, and training of others is required under Section III (“Performance in Primary Duties/Training Requirements”).
  4. In Section IV (“Followership/Leadership”), provide input on resource utilization (for example, time management, equipment, personnel, and budget), adherence to standards, communication skills, caring, respectful, and dignified atmosphere (teamwork), and dedication to policies and procedures.
  5. According to Section V (“Whole Airman Concept”), it is necessary to determine whether or not the airman conforms to Air Force basic principles.

The different rater, the unit commander, the military or civilian director, another reviewer, and the final evaluator must all be allowed to study AF Form 910. They identify their branch of service and rank and the task title, and they attest whether or not they agree with the first performance evaluation.

AF Form 910 – AF 910 Form Download

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