AF Form 911 – AF 911 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

AF Form 911 – AF 911 Form Printable, Fillable PDF – American Forces AF Form 911, It is used to record effectiveness and duty performance history, school and assignment selection, promotions, separation or reduction-in-force, reenlistment, as well as statistics and research analysis. It is available from the Air Force AF Form 911 (MSGT through SMSGT). In addition, it offers a trustworthy, cumulative record of promotion potential and performance from the post of master sergeant (MSgt) to that of senior master sergeant (SMS) (SMSgt).

Alternate Name (If Applicable):

EPR Form for the Air Force

The Air Force (AF) of the United States of America (USA) issued the most recent version of the form on July 31, 2015, rendering all earlier versions obsolete. A printed version of the form that is up-to-date is available for download at the link provided below. On the Air Force e-Publishing website, there are no copies to be discovered.

Officer and enlisted evaluation systems are described in greater detail in Air Force Instruction (AFI) 36-2406, Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, which establishes performance expectations and standards for ratees, provides feedback on how the ratee is meeting those expectations, and provides guidance on how to better meet those expectations.

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What Is The Number Of Bullets On The New AF Form 911? ?

The new AF Form 911 form has a total of 12 bullets. The following are examples of such things:

  1. The ratee’s personal identification information
  2. description of the position.
  3. Performance in leadership, main responsibilities, followership, and training are all evaluated.
  4. The whole airman idea
  5. Performance evaluation on a broad scale
  6. Identification information about the rater
  7. Additional remarks from the raters
  8. Comments provided by the unit commander, military or civilian director, or any approved reviewer are included in this section.
  9. The final evaluator’s comments are included here.
  10. A functional examiner, or an Air Force adviser, is a person who conducts functional examinations.
  11. Remarks
  12. The ratee’s acknowledgement of the situation.

AF. Call The Emergency Number, 911. Instructions

  1. Section I: Introduction (“Rate Identification Data”). This portion comprises the airman’s complete name, social security number, rank, organization, command, and location, as well as the time period during which the report was made and the reason for the report’s being made.
  2. Section II consists of “Job Description.” This section discusses the airman’s job title as well as the primary duties, responsibilities, and tasks that he or she does.
  3. Section III (“Performance in Leadership/Primary Duties/Followership/Training”) is devoted to performance in leadership, primary duties, followership, and training. Mission achievement, resource use, mentoring, team building, duty settings, communication skills, complying with and enforcing rules, and training are all evaluated in this part.
  4. Section IV consists of the following paragraphs: “Whole Airman Concept.” This phase entails determining whether or not the airman conforms to the Air Force’s fundamental ideals.

Additionally, an approved review by an extra rater, unit commander, military or civilian director, or another reviewer, as well as the final evaluator, is required for this form. They must individually identify their branch of service, rank, and task titles, as well as indicate whether or not they agree with the first performance evaluation.

If you are experiencing difficulties accessing the second page, it is advised that you double-check that each field on the first page has been completed. For example, if the number of days not rated is zero, a “0” must be typed into the field; otherwise, the field will be considered blank. In order to complete the parts of the form correctly, it is recommended that you begin with the very first field and work your way through each individual box one at a time.

If the digital signatures do not appear, double-check the dates in the “Period of Report” section. If the specified dates are in the future, it is possible that digital signatures may not be available. It is advised that you update to the most recent version of Adobe Reader on your computer if the form crashes immediately after opening.

AF Form 911 – AF 911 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

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