AF Form 931 – AF 931 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

AF Form 931 – AF 931 Form Printable, Fillable PDF -Initial Feedback Form for the Air Force. The worksheet is intended to be used by the airman for his own self-evaluation. It is necessary to do a self-assessment in the following areas: responsibility, accountability, air force culture, and personal knowledge. Several additional areas, including proficiency and motivation, upgrading training, duty position requirements, and training of others, are portions that the officer is responsible for filling out (the “rater”).

The United States Air Force (AF) issued a revised fillable AF Form 931 on July 28, 2017. The form is available for download and digital filing below, or it may be obtained on the Air Force e-Publishing website.

What Is The Purpose Of AF Form 931?

Airman Comprehensive Assessment (ACA) Worksheet (AB Thru TSgt), also known as Airman AF Form 931, is a document that is used to assess the effectiveness and duty performance history of airmen. On this form, the airman’s supervisor records information on a regular basis to keep track of the airman’s mission capabilities and deployment readiness. It is also used to evaluate the welfare and development of airmen, regardless of whether they are on duty, off duty, or on leave at the time of evaluation.

Instructions For Completing AF Form 931

It is still important to have performance feedback as part of the Enlisted and Officer Evaluation System (E/OES), since the Performance Recommendation Forms (PRFs) (for officers) are based on the expectations and suggestions provided throughout the feedback process. In addition, the ACA works as a tool of incentive. Providing regular and precise ACA sessions will help the airman better grasp what is expected of him, and he will be more driven to perform at a higher level in order to meet and surpass those expectations. A formal, confidential, written communication between the rater and the ratee concerning the rater’s expectations and standards, as well as the ratee’s obligations and performance, is made possible via the use of this form. Face-to-face contact helps to clear up misunderstandings and establish expectations.

Effective feedback is a genuine appraisal of an individual’s performance. The rater should talk about the ratee’s talents and capabilities, as well as their conduct and how it influenced the mission. They should also talk about their professional and personal aspirations. Because the performance section of the ACA will be utilized to support ratings based on observed behavior, raters should be objective and offer honest and genuine comments.

AF Form 931 – AF 931 Form Printable, Fillable PDF


Performance feedback is a private counseling session between a supervisor and a ratee in which the supervisor discusses what is expected of the ratee in terms of duty performance and how well the ratee is fulfilling those expectations. Performance feedback may be given verbally or in writing. It should be noted that, despite the fact that the feedback is believed to be a private communication between the ratee and the rater, if the ratee is AB via TSGT, the rater’s rater is permitted to see the feedback as well. Additionally, the commander has the ability to view performance comments for airmen of any grade. See AFI 36-2406, Paragraph 2.9, Disposition and Access, for more information.

When providing initial and periodic comments, AF Form 931 for AB through TSGT and AF Form 932 for MSGT and above are utilized, respectively.

Instructions On How To Fill Out AF Form 931

The AF Form 931 is a form that may be completed online. Regardless of whether the feedback is good or negative, make an effort to provide as much detail as possible. Specific positive remarks encourage the conduct, while specific negative comments draw the ratee’s attention to the areas where he or she needs to improve their performance. A lack of knowledge, on the other hand, has the effect of lowering the ratee’s drive to better their situation. Comments that are not sufficiently detailed will not direct the ratee’s attention to the particular actions that they must take in order to be successful in their work.

The Performance Feedback Worksheet may be completed by the rater either by handwriting or by typing. The concerns highlighted at the feedback session should be summarized in the completed feedback form. It is not feasible to record every word or subject spoken during the session due to the volume of writing that would be required to document everything that was said during the session. However, every effort should be made to capture the most important issues. Later, if the subject gets a rating that is lower than anticipated, he or she may claim that the problem impacting the rating was not mentioned during periodic feedback sessions and that the rating was thus unfair. Ratees must be aware that the removal of a particular topic from the form does not, in and of itself, establish that the matter was not addressed.

  1. Types of feedback are discussed in Section II. By checking the relevant box on the feedback form, you indicate whether the feedback is initial, midterm, ratee-requested, or rater-directed.
  2. Section III outlines the primary responsibilities.
  3. The rater outlines the precise responsibilities of the ratee. In this section, you can see the most critical responsibilities that relate to the job description used in the EPR.
  4. Section IV is devoted to performance feedback. Each category of performance is addressed by the rater in the same manner as it is mentioned in the Enlisted Performance Report. In the feedback form, each category of performance is represented by a rating scale, and the rater must choose the right checkbox for each item on the scale. A rater marks the “N/A Initial Feedback” section if a certain issue does not apply to him or her at that time. If this is the first feedback session, raters are not needed to offer a rating to any area, but they are asked to explain their expectations for the session.
  5. Section V has the following sections: Strengths, Suggested Goals, and Additional Comments. Use this part to provide information and recommendations garnered from the rater’s professional expertise that may be beneficial to the ratee’s advancement in their career. There is no minimum quantity of writing necessary, but an honest effort to offer significant input should be made in order to get a positive response.

AF Form 931 – AF 931 Form Printable, Fillable PDF

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