AF Form 988 – AF 988 Form Printable, Fillable

AF Form 988 – AF 988 Form Printable, Fillable – The AF Form 988 is the latest in a long line of respectable launches from, and it is the first in a new series of forms. The Demand for Leave is the latest installment in the series, and it is the fourth total. At every stage of the preparation of the form, provides assistance to ensure that there is no uncertainty over the leave request. The team at is committed to assisting you as you transition out of your Air Force service.

What Is The Purpose Of AF Form 988?

This is a legal document that was made available by the United States Air Force on November 10, 2010 and is now in use across the nation. As of today, there are no specific filing instructions for the form offered by the department that issued it.

AF Form 988, Request for Leave from the Armed Forces,

It is an authorization form for leave from the military that is used by the United States Air Force to request leave from the service (AF Form 988). The full form must be filled out with attention and caution in order for the leave request to be sanctioned; the form is divided into three sections, each of which requires specific information in order for the leave request to be sanctioned.

AF Form 988 – AF 988 Form Printable, Fillable

Application Form Is Available

AF Form 988 is accessible on the United States Air Force documentation website, or it may be obtained via the chain of command in the same way that the other forms used by the Department of Defense are obtained. Visit the AF Form 988 leave request page on to get a printable PDF version of the Air Force requisition of leave form in printable pdf format.

As previously stated, the AF Form 988 is divided into three sections, with the first component of the AF Form 988 being filled out by the person who is seeking a leave of absence.

Form 988: Instructions On How To Fill It Out

In boxes one through six, the requested member is required to submit some basic information about himself or herself. When a member requests a transaction, the fundamental information required is the member’s name, social security number, grade, the precise date of the requisition, any outstanding leave, and the purpose of the transaction if the asking individual is serving in the position of an officer.

Alternatively, if the defense person is asking leave to recuperate from any kind of sickness or accident, it is necessary to include the proposed length of the leave period in box No. 7.

It is vital to provide any further explanations that may be required, as well as the nature of the leave sought, in Box No. 8.

Boxes 9 to 20 must be handled with the greatest attention since this box demands all of the pertinent information about the leave request. Among the details are the length of the vacation time sought, the days on which the members will be available throughout the leave period, a phone number to call in an emergency, and any information about the individual’s responsibilities that may apply to him or her.

The member who is seeking leave must sign the acknowledgment in box 2, and the supervisory officer in charge must also sign to confirm that the leave request has been approved. If the leave request is for a longer period of time, a commander or a supervisor must provide written support for the leave in boxes 26 to 33 of the form. After the completion of the first page of AF Form 988 with all of the relevant information, the identical information should be carried over to each of the following two consecutive pages of the form. Because the boxes are so identical, it is necessary to repeat the same information. If the leave is granted while you are outside of the United States, the recording of the information on the second page of AF Form 988 becomes necessary. Section 2 of the second page must provide supporting evidence for the information provided. The third page is only used when the leave time has expired. At the time of the leave request, the same information that was provided in the top part must be repeated on the first page, which must be submitted at the same time as the leave request. AF Form 988 will be given out to the member, and the member will be responsible for completing section 3.

AF Form 988 – AF 988 Form Printable, Fillable

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