VA Form 20-0996 Printable, Fillable in PDF

VA Form 20-0996 Printable, Fillable in PDF – This is a legal document that was made available by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs on February 1, 2019 and is now being utilized around the nation. As of today, there are no specific filing instructions for the form offered by the department that issued it.

Form Specifications:

  • On February 1, 2019, the film was released.
  • The most recent version made accessible by the Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States is
  • It is simple to use and is ready to print.
  • It is your responsibility to complete and retain this for your records.
  • Compatibility with the vast majority of PDF-viewing programs.
  • Fill out the form in our online filing application by following the instructions.

Use the link below to download a fillable version of VA Form 20-0996, or use the search bar to find more documents and templates offered by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

VA Form 20-0996 Printable, Fillable in PDF

How To Complete VA Form 20-0996: Higher Level Review (Veterans Administration)

In the event that a veteran believes he or she has been unfairly classified and wishes to have his or her claim evaluated by a decision review officer (DRO) at one of the VA’s Decision Review Operations Centers, a higher level review (HLR) claim may be made (DROCs). Higher level review is one of three forms of appeal launched as part of the Rapid Appeals Modernization Program in 2017. It is one of the three categories of appeals available. A claim must be examined using the evidence of record available to the VA at the time of the earlier judgment, according to this provision. The filing of an HLR appeal will send the veteran’s claim to a new rater, namely a DRO, although it is possible that the veteran’s claim may not get a different scheduled disability rating if both raters read the existing evidence in the same manner. However, even if the claim is rejected, applying for an HLR may still be beneficial since it can provide the veteran more time to gather further information in support of his or her claim if he or she is on the verge of missing an appeal deadline.

Form 20-0996 (Veterans Administration)Instructions For Completing The Form

Information on the claimant’s identifying characteristics is set out in Section 1

In the form, boxes 1–12 need only personal information, making them the most straightforward to complete. For DIC claims, you must provide the following information: full name, social security number, VA file number, date of birth; service number; insurance policy number; claimant’s name (applicable for DIC claims); claimant type; current mailing address; telephone number; email address; and benefit type. Because you may only choose one benefit type on a single HLR form, if you want to submit HLR appeals for multiple benefit claims, you will need to complete a new VA Form 20-0996 for each benefit type you intend to challenge.

Section 2 – Higher-Level Review Alternatives

You will be asked in Box 13 if you would want your HLR to be assessed in the same office where your original decision was evaluated. If you say yes, Box 14 will appear. Your HLR appeal will be automatically sent to a different office to perform the review if you do not select the box under this question. If you choose to tick the option, the VA may still be unable to accommodate your request, but it will make every effort to put your HLR in the same office as your HLR.

An informal meeting with the higher-level reviewer will be requested in Box 14, and you or your accredited representative will be asked whether you or your accredited representative would want to seek one. Through an informal discussion over the phone, which occurs between you or your representative and the higher-level reviewer, it is possible to point out mistakes of fact or law in a prior judgment. If you would want to have an informal conference, please tick the appropriate option. The boxes below include time slots that may be requested, and you should pick no more than two of the available options. Please provide the contact information for your representative in the shaded box towards the bottom of the page if you would want the VA to contact him or her directly in order to organize an informal discussion with you.

Section 3: Issues that should be subjected to higher-level review

This is the box where you will identify which concerns from your most recent choice you would want to have reviewed at a higher level. The precise concerns you want evaluated should be included in column 15a, and in the adjacent box, in column 15b, the date of the VA judgment that made a determination on the matter should be listed.

Section 4-Attestation and Signature

In this step, you will sign and date the application for HLR, therefore allowing the VA to utilize the information you have provided.

VA Form 20-0996 Printable, Fillable in PDF

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