W8 Form – IRS Form W-8BEN 2021

W8 Form – IRS Form W-8BEN 2021 – The following section has a short explanation of each form. Please refer to the instruction forms for more precise information on each W8 Form type.

What Is The Purpose Of W-8 Forms?

In the United States, W8 Form must be filed by foreign people and enterprises to verify their country of residency for tax reasons, confirming that they qualify for a reduced tax withholding rate. W8 Form are available through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The IRS provides W8 Forms, but they are not submitted to the IRS; instead, they are sent to payers or withholding agents on their behalf. Non-submission of the form may result in withholding at the maximum of 30 percent, which is the rate that applies to international enterprises.

W8 Form - IRS Form W-8BEN 2021
W8 Form – IRS Form W-8BEN 2021

Who Has The Authority To File W-8 Forms?

W8 Forms are completed by foreign people or companies who do not have U.S. citizenship or residence but have worked in the United States or earned revenue in the United States and are required to do so. A W8 Form will never be needed to be submitted by a citizen of the United States or a resident alien in the country.

Foreign individuals or businesses that make money in the United States must pay a 30% tax on certain types of income. It is necessary to complete the W8 Form to get information about the person or firm, where they are from, and the sort of income they generate.

How To Complete And Submit W-8 Forms?

There are a total of five W8 Forms. These forms are requested by payers or withholding agents and are maintained on file with them rather than being lodged with the Internal Revenue Service.

The version of the form utilized is governed by two factors: whether or not a filer is a person or a company and the type of revenue the filer gets from the business. The forms are valid for the calendar year they are signed and for three calendar years after that year. As a result, a W-8BEN signed on September 1, 2021, would be valid until December 31, 2024.

The W-8 series of forms is a complicated set of documents. Although they demand essential information such as a filer’s name, country of origin, and taxpayer identification number (TIN), they also ask for the names and addresses of the individuals from whom the filer is getting the reported income. A specialist is often contacted to aid with the completion of these tasks.


To claim income tax treaty benefits to income other than compensation for personal services, a foreign person must file Form W8-BEN, Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding, which establishes both alien status and beneficial ownership.

The W8-BEN Is Intended To Do The Following:

  • Confirm that someone is a foreigner by establishing their nationality (certificate of foreign status). During auditing procedures, it is used to justify a 30% tax rate.
  • The assertion that an NRA is the beneficial owner of the revenue for which Form W-8BEN is being supplied.
  • As a resident of a foreign nation with which the United States has an income tax treaty, you may be eligible for a lower rate of withholding or an exemption from withholding.

Make Use Of The W8-BEN:

  • When the National Rifle Association is not entitled to treaty benefits in the form of compensatory revenue.
  • When royalties are paid to a foreign artist, it is necessary to secure a treaty exemption.
  • When the NRA is presented with a trophy or award.

The W8-BEN Should Not Be Used:

The purpose of this form is to seek an exemption from withholding on personal services performed in the United States of America (Use Form 8233.)

The paperwork is not legally necessary to obtain a nonqualified scholarship if you are not eligible for treaty benefits. It is the W-8BEN that serves as the certificate of foreign status for all sorts of income, except income from independent personal services, which is handled by Form 8233.

The W8-BEN form should be retained on file at the Office of International Taxation once signed by an NRA representative. This is the National Rifle Association’s certificate of foreign status.

The W8-BEN Is Valid For A While.

When you utilize a TIN, it is valid forever or until the facts change, provided that it is used at least once a year for Form 1042-S tax reporting purposes. It is suitable for three taxable years from the date of submission if it does not have a TIN. If an international student works for the University of Rochester outside the United States, a W-8BEN with the overseas address must be obtained. Aside from that, withholding and the filing of Form W-2 reports should be discontinued.

As a result of federal law, an international student who is an NRA is required to file Form W-8BEN with their United States bank, United States savings and loan association, United States credit union (including both federal and state-chartered credit unions), or United States insurance company in the United States.

W8 Form – IRS Form W-8BEN 2021

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